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July 6, 2015


Monday, July 6th
We are so excited to be on the precipice of our 6th year! What an incredible experience. There have been so many people who have enriched our lives and the lives of the OP family over the past five years. They've made OP a wonderful place to get CRAZY fit and find LIFE CHANGING friendships; for this we say thank you. We will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary in OP EPIC manner. Saturday, August 29th! Stay tune. (Checkout some of the original pics from OP in mid 2010!)

CrossFitOP ESSENTIALS Starts Monday, July 6th at 630p!! GET ON THIS. Be at the gym by 615 to register. This stuff works.

OP THROWDOWN(Sat., July 11th 915a) is going to be a blast. Just sign up and get three great workouts in. (Novice, Intermediate and Advanced levels) Sign up on the whiteboard by Thursday!!!! 


Workout of the Day

CrossFitOP InAugural 2010 WOD from July

3 rounds of 1 min of amrap of ea movement
Row for Calories
Box Jumps
Kettlebell Swings 53/35

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