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Nov. 24, 2014


Train the body, not the ego.

CONGRATS to Julie Hamilton and Coach Bramblett who both attacked the East Coast Championships Online Qualifier with great power and grit!!! Julie came in 38th in the nation and Nate got 3rd! Nathan's now headed to Boston on Jan 24th and 25th for the ECC!! Great job guys!! Here's a look at Nate taking on Qualifier Wod #2 http://youtu.be/T4yIv7lQLH8 More details at: https://www.facebook.com/cfnecomps?ref=br_tf

OP ThanksGiving Hours:
Monday: Reg Hours 530a-7,9-10,12-2,330-730
Tuesday: Reg Hours 530a-7,9-10, 12-2,4-730
Wednesday: 530-7, 9-10, 12-2, 330-630 (CLOSING 1 hr EARLY)
ThanksGIving Wod!!! at 9a-10a ONLY
Black Friday Wod!!! 4-6p
Saturday: Regular hours 830, 930-11a
Sunday: Regular hours 11-1 Open Gym and Masters at 4-5

Barbell Complex: Every 2 min for 10 min 2 set of
1 Hang squat clean + 1 Front squat + 1 shoulder to overhead - Climbing wt.
rest 5 min

Workout of the Day

Rice Krispy Treat

5 Rounds:
5 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95
5 Plate get ups 35/25
5 Squat cleans 135/95
10 Jumping Slamballs 20/15

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