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Sept. 22, 2014


Monday, Sept 22nd:
"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." Boom. - Babe Ruth

TEAM GRIT WODs will be released by 8a Monday, 22nd! Keep an eye out on Team Grit and OP Facebook page, along with CrossFitOP website. Be sure to stop by the MidTown Community Ctr and cheer OP athletes on this Saturday and/or Sunday! $5 Admission to include a couple Spectator Challenges/Amraps with prizes!! Heads UP! Team Grit will also have an ASL Interpreter provided for the Deaf.Pass it on!

ESSENTIAL's Class starts Monday at 10a or 645p!! Come get some guys and gals! Still room. Contact redefiningfitness@crossfitop.com or 757 593-6373 to get your CrossFit journey started!

WELCOME to OP Gene, Kynedi, Dylan, Mary, Amy, Steve, Zach, Valarie, Velvet, Mackenzie, Patrick, Gail, Lindsey, PJ, Mike and Josh! (More pics to come!) Get to the box 3 times a week gang! ADD CrossFit to your priority list in INK and it will become a habit!

Workout of the Day

It's all in the Wt.

20 Pull-ups
400m run
10 Overhead squats(Back or Front Squats to scale)*
800m run
10 Overhead Squats*
400m Run
20 pull-ups
*Coach will choose wt. for Overhead Sqt. 135/95 max

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