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July 23, 2014


"We are what we repeatedly do."

Congrats to Haidee who got her first strict pull up on Monday!! She's been working diligently on her pull up! Discipline pays off. Way to get it done Haidee!

Head to El Tapatio this Wednesday night at 730p for a GOOD LUCK dinner/toast for Nikole/Tony Sanchez and Corrine/Adrian Check as they step into a new horizon opening their own box, Drachen CrossFit! 

Workout of the Day


TEAM of 2
Some great live footage from CrossFit Games all week!!! at : http://games.crossfit.com/

We're doin' Tire flips: http://youtu.be/jWSfnKhUPXw

8 min As Many Reps as Possible - each station
1 athlete works at a time.

50m Prowler push*
50’ farmers carry*
Tire Flips*

*Athlete chooses wt.
2 min rest btwn stations
May go in any order for movements

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