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Crossfit Level 1

Stephanie is a mother to two wonderful children, Cole and Cayleigh. She is married to her very best friend, Brandon, who is in the Army. Because of Brandon's occupation, it has allowed them to experience many fun, life experiences as a family. They have lived in many diverse places stretching from her home state of Georgia all the way across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. It was in Hawaii where Stephanie fell in love with CrossFit in 2011. She was never into sports or someone you would consider "athletic". In fact, she was a ballet dancer most of her childhood.
As an adult, Stephanie tried various times going to a “traditional” gym and it just didn't entice her.  Ironically enough, it so happened that Stephanie was at the gym one day when she discovered CrossFit. She saw a group of girls working out, doing fun movements, and looking like they actually were having a blast! She knew right then that she wanted to try out CrossFit.
Stephanie is a social butterfly so working out AND making friends at the same time was right up her alley! After joining the Military CrossFit Affiliate in Hawaii, Stephanie has never looked back and has been CrossFitting ever since. She has also been able to train and complete three half-marathons since her fitness level drastically changed for the better. Stephanie knew she needed to share her love of CrossFit with others so that drove her to get her Level 1 Certification in 2013.
Stephanie loves coaching others and loves the excitement and pride they have when doing something they never thought they could do before!