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CrossFit Level 1 

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Cert

Roxy has a B.S. in Physical Education from Springfield College and a M.S. in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Adult Fitness from the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse. She has been a college professor since 1983 teaching primarily in the nursing, health and physical education departments.  In addition, Roxanne taught group and individual exercise sessions for more than 30 years, to children, college students and seniors.  She has been previously certified as a fitness instructor by ACSM, IDEA (now ACE), and the American Aquatics Association.

In May of 2011 she joined a friend who had started working out at Crossfit OP.  She enjoyed the friendly, small group, the well instructed WODs with varied and challenging activities and, most importantly to her, the emphasis on proper technique and movement.  With an exercise science background and years of teaching Biomechanics at the college level, she knew the importance of proper body movement and how a coach with a good eye for improper body alignment is critical for safety.  She also found that the other athletes and coaches became an extended family in the box and out fo it, falling inlove with the OP community.

Roxanne has competed at the Master’s level in the Crossfit Open for 3 years with the strength components being her most competitive areas.  She also competed in the Masters Functional Fitness League as well as the Brute Strength "Heart of a Lion" Powerlifting Meet and set the Age Group (60+) records in theSouthern Powerlifting Association for her Deadlift, Bench Press, Back Squat, and total for all 3 lifts.

Roxanne understands that Master’s level athletes need a coach who understands their need to scale certain movements due to a greater lack of mobility and/or strength compared to younger Crossfit athletes!  She believes functional fitness is something everyone needs, especially with age, since it allows people to continue to do the things they love to do safely!  She loves teaching and helping people reach thier potential and hopes to help OP expand the participation of Master's level athletes in our classes and OP Legends groups!