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August 8th-August 31st, Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30pm-4:30pm

This 4-week camp will combine strength with speed.  
Your athlete will be coached through proper sprint mechanics, plyometric training, and dynamic strength movements
involving bodyweight exercises and with Medicine Balls, Kettlebells & Barbells.

Strength is directly translated into power!  

Your athlete will be taught safe, proper lifting techniques
along with correct jumping and landing mechanics to prevent the most common young-athlete injuries. 
**70% of all athlete ACL injuries are from NON-CONTACT impacts!
Teaching young athletes how to land and move properly
can decrease their risk of missing playing time due to injury!**

Sessions will also include Sport Nutrition lessons each week to educate your athlete on the right fuel their bodies need
to help them perform their best and be strong & healthy competitors! 

The improvements your athlete will see and learn through these 4-weeks will prepare them for the 
next level of competition and give them confidence on the field or court! 
Open to Middle School & High School athletes!  Register for the Summer Athlete Camp
hosted at CrossfitOP and led by 
Coach Danielle Kearns (CSCS, USAW, CF-L1, Precision Nutrition-1)




August 19th, 8am-6pm, Midtown Community Center

For more information: http://www.teamgritcompetition.com/ 


Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 6:30pm, starting Monday, June 26th!

Looking to get FIT for the SUMMER?!

Check out our 6-week program that will get you on the right track for a strong, fit, and healthy summer!

Our program is a mixture of high-intensity workouts including a combination of cardio and strength training for the quickest progress towards your goals plus a Nutrition Challenge geared individually toward each member to help them decrease body-fat while increasing muscle-mass while in the gym as well as outside of it! 

Join us this summer to reach and maintain your goals!!


Check out the following testimony from one of our current members who started with a 6-week program and has continued to gain positive results from training at OP:

"I was very frustrated the first few weeks because I was putting in the work and eating so clean yet the pounds were not coming off. I had to look past that and keep going because at some point it was going to click. Happy to say I have lost 17 lbs in 8 1/2 weeks!!! Plus, I amaze myself each day that a WOD is presented and I know for sure I can't do it...until I get it done! Thank you, Coaches, for pushing me, and my classmates for inspiring me!!! I can't wait to see where this journey will take me. :)" - Madeline Garcia