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Monday, May 29th, starting at 9am & continuing all day!

We are hosting our Memorial Day MURPH WOD at the box this year to host a big, all day event with as much of our community as possible!  It is open to nonmembers as well, just sign them up for a timeslot as well and give us a heads up about your guests!  On Monday morning, the first heat will go off at 9am and we will continue running heats throughout the day!  Sign up here to reserve your WOD time (it's mandatory!).

Plan to stay after your workout to hangout and encourage your friends and box-family!  After all the heats have completed, we will be having a BBQ to celebrate those who are serving and have served! Please bring a dish to share and your own beverages. We will provide meat (you are welcome to bring your own, too!) for grilling! 




FIT FOR SUMMER Nutrition Challenge 

May 26th: kick-off seminar @ OP, 7:30pm, final day is July 7th & Awards Ceremony will be held at the OP Party on July 8th!

Join our 6-week challenge hosted by Certitude Nutrition.  Get individualized guidance on how much you should be eating at the kick-off seminar on May 26th at 7:30pm at CrossfitOP.  You will learn about the guidelines to follow and set goals for yourself to accomplish throughout the 6-weeks.  You will be motivated and held accountable through a private Facebook page for our Challenge group, where you will recieve exclusive information and resources!  The member who accumulates the most points through Certitude Nutrition's unique Challenge system (using dedication, accountability, & consistency on top of body-composition changes) will earn 1 free month at OP!  Second place wins a free 4-week coaching program with Nutrition Coach, Danielle Kearns. Third place wins some free swag!


CrossfitOP Kid's Camp

June 19-June 23, 9am-12pm

Sign your kids up to kick-off their summer with some fun-filled fitness!  Coaches will take your child through warmups, workouts, and stretches with plenty of games and lessons mixed in to help your child learn about the importance of exercise, workout safety, healthy nutrition, and much more! 





July 3rd-July 28th, Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00pm-5:00pm

Sign your athlete up for this 4-week camp to develop proper running form, improve technique to increase speed, and learn how to change direction with quickness and accuracy!  In these 8-sessions, they will learn how to sprint, cut and dodge with safe, quick, efficient movements.


August 7th-September 1st, Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00pm-5:00pm

All athletes need power to excel in their sport.  Sign your athlete up to learn how to be a strong and explosive competitor through plyometric and strength training.  By training explosive movements, athletes can further improve their speed & agility as well as become powerful on the field or court.




August 19th, 8am-6pm, Midtown Community Center

For more information: http://www.teamgritcompetition.com/ 


Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 6:30pm, starting Monday, June 26th!

Looking to get FIT for the SUMMER?!

Check out our 6-week program that will get you on the right track for a strong, fit, and healthy summer!

Our program is a mixture of high-intensity workouts including a combination of cardio and strength training for the quickest progress towards your goals! 

We have a knowledgeable staff of coaches including strength and condititioning specialists, physical therapists, and a nutrition coach! We will be providinga a nutrition guide to keep you on track outside of the gym as well as to ensure even greater success with our program!

Join us this summer to reach and maintain your goals!!


Check out the following testimony from one of our current members who started with a 6-week program and has continued to gain positive results from training at OP:

"I was very frustrated the first few weeks because I was putting in the work and eating so clean yet the pounds were not coming off. I had to look past that and keep going because at some point it was going to click. Happy to say I have lost 17 lbs in 8 1/2 weeks!!! Plus, I amaze myself each day that a WOD is presented and I know for sure I can't do it...until I get it done! Thank you, Coaches, for pushing me, and my classmates for inspiring me!!! I can't wait to see where this journey will take me. :)" - Madeline Garcia