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When it comes to your health & fitness goals, you may spend 1-2 hours in the gym working hard and getting better each day, however, how does the rest of your day play into your goal achievement? 

For anyone, nutrition is the most important aspect of your lifestyle yet is also the most overlooked.  Whether trying to live a healthy life, change your body composition, or improve performance in Crossfit or any other sport, the way that you eat will dictate your progress.

Macronutrients are what make up calories.  They are protein, carbohydrates, and fats, each contributing a certain amount of calories per gram that make up food.  The majority of body composition changes happen because of the balance between energy taken in (food) and energy used (exercise/lifestyle), however the ratio of these macronutrients also play a significant role in your progress.

The balance of which macronutrients you should be consuming is highly individualized.  It depends on your current lifestyle factors, body weight, body composition, activity level and your desired outcome goal.  Coach Dani will not only help you find that proper balance, but she will also continuously keep you accountable through weekly check-ins, track your progress and make any neccesarry adjustments throughout the process.  She has helped dozens of clients lose weight, gain muscle, improve their performance, and just overall feel better in their bodies. 

Coach Dani has a Nutrition Coaching Certification from Precision Nutrition in Sport & Exercise Nutrition.  She studied Exercise Physiology at Lynchburg College and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  She continually studies updated research and methods of elite nutrition programs to offer the highest level of scientific-based nutrition coaching she can.  Danielle is passionate about helping people find their confidence in sport and life through healthy, balanced nutrition habits with her Nutriton Coaching practice, Certitude Nutrition.  

Check out our services below and for more information, check out the Food Certitude Nutrition blog or contact Danielle at crossfitoysterpoint@gmail.com.

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One-time Consultation

To talk with Danielle about any of your nutrition questions, schedule a meeting to get answers and advice on how to reach your goals!  This can also be the first step towards starting a Level 1, 2, or 3 program where Danielle can assess where you are currently and prescribe the best program for you as well as the necessary information to develop your perfect plan and gather your baseline measurements including body-fat percentage and body-circumference measurements.

Price: $55 per meeting. 

Level 1: Individualized Macro Calculation

If you are looking for that last piece to achieve perfect nutrition balance and understand how to track, time, and hit your macronutrient goals, this option will supply you with your individualized macro goals based on your current body composition, activity levels and goals.  It does not include any follow-ups or check-ins, however by following your prescribed, individualized macro-numbers, you will be able to achieve your desired goal for your sport or life!

Price: $40 one-time payment

Level 2: Individualized Macro Calculation with 4 Week Access

If you have a generally balanced, healthy diet and a good idea on how to get started  with macronutrient tracking, but might have some questions as you begin, this plan will offer you the guidance needed.  You will receive your individualized macronutrient goals as well as unlimited email access for questions and support throughout your access period. You will also receive an exclusive Certitude Nutrition follow-up document for daily to weekly tracking of progress and accountability.  Also included are starter-guides of meal suggestions, macro-cheat-sheets and meal-prep tips.

Price: $80 (4 weeks-no contract, recurring payment)        

Level 3: In-depth, personalized Nutrition Coaching

For personalized assistance with your nutrition, performance, and lifestyle goals, this option offers 12-weeks of individualized support, increased accountability, open communication, and progress reassessments through photos and various measurements.

If you are just beginning your health, fitness and/or nutrition journey, Danielle will guide you in improving your lifestyle and eating habits with easily adoptable steps that will help you attain your goals for overall wellness, weight-loss/muscle-mass gain/body re-composition, and/or improved performance.

If you feel your nutrition habits are already healthy but you’d like to break through a plateau or dial it in further to maximize your performance, you will receive your calculated, individualized macronutrient goals to take your eating habits and performance in life & sport to the next level.

No matter where you are starting, you will receive a comprehensive starter guide of meal suggestions, meal-prep options, and shopping lists.  Through an advanced questionnaire, your short-term and long-term goals will be mapped out as well as other important details about your current habits, training, and lifestyle so that coaching can be catered exactly to your needs.  This option also includes weekly check-ins for your maintained accountability as well as a personalized, in-depth follow-up document exclusive to Certitude Nutrition to continually track your progress, assess your goals and achievements, and stay in close communication with Danielle.

Price: $300 (total for 12-weeks)

Optional Add-on: Face-to-Face, phone call, Facetime/Skype follow up meetings.  1 per month during your 12-week package.

Price: $150 additional to any above package



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