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CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Course with Coach Mike Burgenger
Catapult Olympic Weightlifting Course with Don McCulley

Naomi was born and raised locally and works for the Newport News Fire Department as a Captain with 13 years of service.  Bored with the big box gym workouts, done with the 60 day Insanity DVD's (ugh!), and ready for a new challenge, Naomi found CrossFit Oyster Point!  Never having been a competitive athlete or participated in any team sports, CrossFit was intimidating for her at first but despite the dread and anxiety that pulling in the parking lot would bring, she kept showing up!  Naomi found that if she could just make it in the door, the energy in the box would get her through the WODs. Having previous injuries, Naomi found that her body hurt that first year as I worked through the mobility limitations.  "I have wiped up much blood, sweat, and tears along with the chalk marks of victory that are completed rounds and reps" she says!

Through Crossfit, she found that there is a competitive athlete inside of her that is not intimidated by tough workouts, heavy weights, or skills that seem impossible.  She also found that there is no better motivation than shared suffering with our amazing community.